August 05, 2005

Prayer Cloths, Books and Oil

We are living in a time where there is a lot a revelation. God is active in all of our lives, all of the time. Nothing is too mundane or unimportant for Him. The revelation He gives may be sensational, provoking, sobering, even practical.
Just yesterday, I sat in a small, local restaurant with a woman who has walked with the Lord at least 45 years, if not more. She has been in Pentecostal and Charasmatic circles for the bulk of her walk with God. She has just now come to the realization that God is intimately involved with her ordinary, common, day to day decisons. After 45 years, she is learning that when she has those "conflicts in her head", that she may be arguing with God.
I thought, "How interesting. I am just the opposite. I can hear God clearly in practical decisions, it's the spiritual ones I still waver on."
Someone taught me long ago to ask, "Is that you, Lord?" So, for years, in perfect obedience, I would ask my question.
The battle would ensue in my mind. I began to hit the revelation from every angle. I chewed on it, rationalized it, questioned it, matched it against Scripture, interpreted, pondered what people might think, and by the time I was through with it, my opportunity to do or express what God wanted was up. I missed my chance to encourage and bless the Church, my husband or daughter, the stranger at the mall, or a dying friend.
Some of you may go through or have gone through the same processes.
I'm convinced that eliminating some of the mental gymnastics in the area of revelation is found in knowing God. Having a relationship, spending time in His Presence and His Word, intimacy, devotion, and passion. The same revelation I heard from the prophetic voices in the late 80's continues to bring me life today.
Don't misunderstand. I have grown closer to God during my 18 year walk with Him. I can recognize God's voice in ways that were once foreign to me. I love Him and His Church with my whole heart. There's no one I want to hear from more.
I'm not missing as many opportunities, but the truth of the matter is, I still do. He stretches me beyond my self imposed limits.
So how does this short blurp relate to this blog?
My friend Vicki and I tapped into a God thought one day while creating our second anointing oil, Essence of Esther. Our thought had to do with extending blessings to people all over the Earth, by praying and personalizing Scripture over oil perfumes, and then making them available to both the saved and the unsaved. We had not even created an oil perfume yet. Can you imagine what my first thoughts were?
"Is that you, God? Will the Church embrace this idea? Will they think we have crossed over into New Age?" Yadda, yadda, yadda.
I went into a series of visions. I saw prayer cloths and anointing oil. Books that I wrote in and prayed a blessing over before giving as a gift. Cross necklaces, music, food, clothing, cars, pets.
I even saw myself standing in the office of a photographer that I worked with at Edwards AFB. I had been talking to her about Jesus, but she had not accepted Him as yet. One day, while alone in her office, I stepped out in a gross measure of raw faith. I spit on my hands, rubbed it on the walls, tables, desk, even on the seat of her chair. I prayed over it all. She came to Christ that month.
So what's the difference? Why not pray over oil perfumes? If God was telling us it is good, then it's good.
This is the premise of our Oils of Blessing. God speaks to us the name of the oil perfume, and we search the Scriptures. We move on simple downloads of revelation as to which essentials and fragrance oils to combine. We personalize the Scripture over each oil as we pray.
The first Oil of Blessing we were to create was Grace. The aspect of Grace that God wanted us to hone in on was His comfort (2Th 2:16-17). Therefore, the overall fragrance is for comfort: vanilla, oatmeal and honey. Several months later, a very famous perfume manufacturer came out with the same name on their new line of perfumes and lotions. This company certainly caught some revelation in the air waves!
Allow us to bless you or a friend in the Name of Jesus! We keep our prices reasonable (and a little oil goes a long way.)
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July 20, 2005

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